We're in it together

Submitted by Sara Brooks

When the news struck, my heart was crushed by what was happening.

I immediately thought, ‘What can I do?’

So I made Facebook posts calling for donations. 

I collected 22 bags of clothes, 16 boxes of food, and just over $3,200 from just my condo building and the residents of 103 Street between 95 and 101 Avenue!

And that response was only in the first 48 hours of my call to action. 

A week went by, and more and more folks came to me for assistance with ensuring their own donations got to the people who needed it most.

Meanwhile, I kept collecting items from my own call-outs for two weeks. 

In total, I had gathered the following for my fellow Albertans in need: 

  • 40 bags of clothes
  • 62 boxes of food and toiletries
  • $5,700 in donations

To be able to help out our neighbours to the north was not even a question. 

It was more, how quickly can we get them help?