Even animals need TLC

Submitted by Colleen Faucher.

I have a friend, Margaret Batten, who owns Dirty Dog Spa.

She decided that she would bathe and groom dogs from Fort McMurray for no charge.

On a Monday, her usual day off, she focused only on dogs from Fort Mac and not any other animals in her normal clientele. My two daughter and myself offered to help her.

These Fort McMurray dogs needed two shampoos because with the first washing, the water turned brown. This was from the smoke that was trapped in their coats. We dried them and then they were groomed by Margaret.

When these animals came in they were shell-shocked in their own way.
— Colleen Faucher

Not one behaved like a typical dog.

After their grooming, they were back to being happy dogs with tails wagging. They no longer had coats that were dirty with smoke and ashes. They no longer had skin irritation nor the smell of fire. 

Their owners were so touched to see their happy dogs back.

There was an elderly man who wanted to pay for the bath and grooming.

He pulled out his wallet and had just a $10 bill (which was refused). He fought back tears: his four-legged baby, now bathed and groomed, was all he had left.

It was a very rewarding and humbling day.